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    Member Suggestions for Sabbath Day Activities

    Family Activities

    • Have family scripture study.
    • Study Preach My Gospel, and role-play missionary conversations.
    • Read a general conference talk, and lead a discussion about it at dinner.
    • Plan a family service project.
    • Have a story swap where, each member of the family shares a story from Church history.
    • Memorize “The Living Christ,” and recite it as a family.
    • Identify all the temples on a world map using pins or markers. 
    • Create a YouTube video on the importance of families.
    • Invite a family in the ward you would like to know better to your home for a family fireside.
    • Prepare family names for the temple.
    • Have each member of the family take turns reporting on a General Authority, prophet, bishop, or other Church leader.

    Individual Activities

    • Research a gospel question or word using only the scriptures.
    • Secretly decorate someone’s front door with love notes.
    • Study your patriarchal blessing.
    • Create a family letter, and email it to extended family members.
    • Answer one personal history question each week for one year.
    • Learn the 12 principles and habits of self-reliance.
    • Create a general conference quote jar.
    • Listen to music or a podcast on the Mormon Channel.
    • Create a food storage plan.
    • Find a month’s worth of inspiring quotes and text them to friends and family every day for 30 days.
    • Set goals for developing the Christlike attributes you want to manifest.
    • Record your testimony, and share it with three people.

    Activities for Youth

    • Read the New Era magazine from cover to cover.
    • Create a gospel quote book.
    • Teach someone to use
    • Record the testimony of Joseph Smith in your own voice.
    • Create a YouTube video on the importance of families.
    • Practice articulating your answers to commonly asked questions about the Church.
    • Submit an article or story to the Church.
    • Create gospel quotes to share on social media.
    • Write three “thinking of you” notes.
    • Learn how to lead music.
    • Create a handwritten poster of “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”
    • Create and frame an “I’m Grateful for” list or poster.
    • Memorize the Articles of Faith.
    • Make phone calls to loved ones to let them know you're thinking of them.

    Activities for Children