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Burden. The prophet Amos prophesied in the days of Uzziah, king of Judah (died about 740 B.C.), and Jeroboam Ⅱ, king of Israel (died about 750 B.C.). He was a shepherd (Amos 1:1; 7:14) and a native of Tekoa, 12 miles south of Jerusalem, but his ministry was among those of the northern kingdom of Israel. His emphasis was upon the moral character of Jehovah, the righteous ruler of all nations and men. Amos shows that the offering the Lord most cares for is a righteous life—the sacrifices of animals lose their meaning if offered as substitutes for personal righteousness (5:21–27). The fact that Israel is the covenant people would make their punishment the heavier (3:2; 9:7). Yet Israel will not be utterly destroyed (9:8), and in the last days the kingdom will return to and even surpass its ancient glory (9:11–15). Amos emphasizes that the Lord speaks through His prophets in warning mankind (3:7).