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My messenger. The prophecy of Malachi was spoken about 430 B.C. The first part (Mal. 1:1–2:9) is addressed to the priesthood, reproving them for their neglect of service to God. The second part (2:10–4:6) is addressed to the people, speaking against marriage outside the covenant, divorces from wives within the covenant, and neglect of tithe paying, and reproving the general spirit of discontent. The faithful are encouraged to remain so, with the assurance that the Lord is mindful of them, and the disobedient shall fail in the day of the Lord’s coming. Notable passages are 3:1, which is quoted in Matt. 11:10 as having reference to John the Baptist; Mal. 3:7–12, an exposition of the law of tithing; 4:1, which speaks of the Second Coming of the Lord; and 4:5–6, which deals with the return of Elijah (cited also in D&C 2; 128:17; JS—H 1:37–39). All of Mal. 3 and 4 was quoted by the Savior to the Nephites, as recorded in 3 Ne. 24 and 25.