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A native of Moresheth Gath, in the plain country of Judah, who prophesied under Hezekiah (Jer. 26:17–18). The book of Micah has three divisions: (1) Micah 1–3, prophecies of judgment and ruin on the Jewish State, lighting first on Samaria and afterwards on Jerusalem, the crime being the idolatry at the high places and also the oppression by the upper classes. (2) Micah 4–5, prophecies of restoration, with brilliant messianic promises. Micah is the only book of the prophets to name Bethlehem as the place of the anticipated Messiah’s birth. (3) Micah 6–7, prophecies of a mixed character; the Lord remonstrates with His people and recounts His past goodness to them; He requires from them justice, goodness, and humility. The last chapter contains a fresh picture of the state of society; and Zion, sitting in darkness, is comforted with the assurance that Jehovah pardons iniquity when men repent.