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Son of God 

It does not appear from the Gospels that our Lord frequently applied this title to Himself (but see Matt. 27:43; Luke 22:70; John 5:25; 9:35–37; 10:36; 11:4), though we often find it used by others in speaking to Him (Matt. 14:33; 16:16; Luke 4:41; John 1:49; 11:27); and of Him (Mark 1:1; John 3:18; 20:31). But there is ample proof that He claimed to be the Son of God in a sense that was true of Him and of no one else (see Matt. 11:27 [Luke 10:22]; Mark 13:32). He speaks of Himself as Son of God, and of others as sons of God, but there is not a single passage in which the sonship of others is spoken of as being the same thing as His own. So too He speaks of “my Father” and “your Father,” but never of “our Father.” (The Lord’s Prayer is no exception, as it was intended for the disciples’ use.) There is a consistency in scripture, ancient and modern, that Jesus Christ is literally the Son of God the Father, being the Only Begotten of the Father in the flesh. See Jacob 4:5; D&C 20:21; Moses 6:52, 54, 57.