Bible Photographs


The map below shows the location of the photographs in this section. On the following pages, each numbered photograph is accompanied by a short description of the setting. Significant scriptural events from that area are then listed, along with scripture references so that you can know where to read more about those events.

  1. Nile River and Egypt

  2. Mount Sinai (Horeb) and the Sinai Wilderness

  3. Judean Wilderness

  4. Kadesh-barnea

  5. Tombs of the Patriarchs

  6. Judean Hill Country

  7. Bethlehem

  8. Jerusalem

  9. Temple of Herod

  10. Steps to the Temple

  11. Mount of Olives

  12. Garden of Gethsemane

  13. Golgotha

  14. Garden Tomb

  15. Jericho

  16. Shiloh

  17. Shechem

  18. Dothan in Samaria

  19. Caesarea and the Plain of Sharon to Carmel

  20. Joppa

  21. Jezreel Valley

  22. Mount Tabor

  23. Sea of Galilee and the Mount of Beatitudes

  24. Capernaum

  25. Jordan River

  26. Caesarea Philippi

  27. Nazareth

  28. Dan

  29. Athens

  30. Corinth

  31. Ephesus

  32. Isle of Patmos

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