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There are two kinds of beings in heaven who are called angels: those who are spirits and those who have bodies of flesh and bone. Angels who are spirits have not yet obtained a body of flesh and bone, or they are spirits who have once had a mortal body and are awaiting resurrection. Angels who have bodies of flesh and bone have either been resurrected from the dead or translated.

There are many references in scripture to the work of angels. Sometimes angels speak with a voice of thunder as they deliver God’s messages (Mosiah 27:11–16). Righteous mortal men may also be called angels (JST, Gen. 19:15). Some angels serve around the throne of God in heaven (Alma 36:22).

The scriptures also speak of the devil’s angels. These are those spirits who followed Lucifer and were thrust out of God’s presence in the premortal life and cast down to the earth (Rev. 12:1–9; 2 Ne. 9:9, 16; D&C 29:36–37).

  • Jacob saw angels of God ascending and descending:Gen. 28:12;
  • Angels of God met Jacob:Gen. 32:1–2;
  • Gideon saw an angel of the Lord face to face:Judg. 6:22;
  • An angel stretched out his hand upon Jerusalem to destroy it:2 Sam. 24:16;
  • An angel touched Elijah and said to him, Arise and eat:1 Kgs. 19:5–7;
  • Daniel saw the angel Gabriel in a vision:Dan. 8:15–16;
  • The angel Michael helped Daniel:Dan. 10:13;
  • The angel Gabriel was sent from God:Luke 1:19, 26–27;
  • The devil’s angels will be reserved in chains unto the judgment:Jude 1:6; ( 2 Pet. 2:4; )
  • People saw angels descending out of heaven:3 Ne. 17:24;
  • Moroni wrote about the ministering of angels:Moro. 7:25–32;
  • The Aaronic Priesthood holds the keys of the ministering of angels:D&C 13;
  • Moroni, John the Baptist, Peter, James, John, Moses, Elijah, and Elias all ministered to Joseph Smith as angels:D&C 27:5–12;
  • Ye are not able to abide the ministering of angels:D&C 67:13;
  • Michael, the archangel, is Adam:D&C 107:54;
  • Angels are resurrected personages, having bodies of flesh and bones:D&C 129;
  • There are no angels who minister to this earth but those who belong to it:D&C 130:5;
  • Men who do not obey God’s law of eternal marriage neither marry nor are given in marriage; but are appointed angels in heaven:D&C 132:16–17;