The Guide to the Scriptures

    Book of Remembrance

    A book begun by Adam in which were recorded the works of his descendants; also any similar records kept by prophets and faithful members since that time. Adam and his children kept a book of remembrance, in which they wrote by the spirit of inspiration, and a book of the generations, which contained a genealogy (Moses 6:5, 8). Such records may well have a part in determining our final judgment.

    • A book of remembrance was written:Mal. 3:16–18; ( 3 Ne. 24:16–18; )
    • All they who are not found written in the book of remembrance shall find no inheritance in that day:D&C 85:9;
    • The dead were judged by the books that contained the record of their works:D&C 128:7;
    • Let us present a book containing the records of our dead:D&C 128:24;
    • A book of remembrance was kept:Moses 6:5–8;
    • We have a book of remembrance:Moses 6:46;
    • Abraham endeavored to write a record for his posterity:Abr. 1:31;