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The inner sense of right and wrong, coming from the Light of Christ in all men (Moro. 7:16). We are born with a natural capacity to distinguish between right and wrong because of the Light of Christ that is given to every person (D&C 84:46). This faculty is called conscience. The possession of it makes us responsible beings. Like other faculties, our consciences may be deadened through sin or misuse.

  • The scribes and Pharisees were convicted by their own conscience:John 8:9;
  • Their conscience also bears witness:Rom. 2:14–15;
  • Apostates have their conscience seared with a hot iron:1 Tim. 4:2;
  • Men are instructed sufficiently that they know good from evil:2 Ne. 2:5;
  • King Benjamin had a clear conscience before God:Mosiah 2:15;
  • The Nephites were filled with joy, having peace of conscience:Mosiah 4:3;
  • Zeezrom was harrowed up under a consciousness of his own guilt:Alma 14:6;
  • We are given joy or remorse of conscience according to our desires:Alma 29:5;
  • A punishment and a just law bring remorse of conscience:Alma 42:18;
  • The Spirit of Christ is given to every man that he may know good from evil:Moro. 7:16;
  • Each individual should have the free exercise of conscience:D&C 134:2;
  • I have a conscience void of offense:D&C 135:4;
  • We claim the privilege of worshiping God according to the dictates of our own conscience:A of F 1:11;