See also Rebellion

    Strife, arguing, and disputations. Contention, especially between members of the Lord’s Church or between family members, is not pleasing to the Lord.

    • Let there be no strife between me and thee:Gen. 13:8;
    • Pride causes contention:Prov. 13:10;
    • If any man have a quarrel against any, forgive as Christ forgave:Col. 3:13;
    • Avoid foolish questions and contention:Titus 3:9;
    • The Lord commands men not to contend with one another:2 Ne. 26:32;
    • Ye will not suffer your children to fight and quarrel with one another:Mosiah 4:14;
    • Alma commanded that there be no contention among Church members:Mosiah 18:21;
    • Satan spreads rumors and contention:Hel. 16:22;
    • The devil is the father of contention and stirs up men to contend with one another:3 Ne. 11:29; ( Mosiah 23:15; )
    • Establish my gospel, that there may not be so much contention:D&C 10:62–64;
    • Cease to contend with one another:D&C 136:23;