The Guide to the Scriptures

    Council in Heaven

    The occasion in premortal life when the Father presented his plan to his spirit children who would come to this earth.

    • The sons of God shouted for joy:Job 38:7;
    • Exalt my throne above the stars of God:Isa. 14:12–13;
    • There was a war in heaven:Rev. 12:7–11;
    • Before they were born, they received their first lessons in the world of spirits:D&C 138:56;
    • Satan rebelled in the premortal life:Moses 4:1–4;
    • Intelligences were organized before the world was created:Abr. 3:22;
    • The Gods took counsel among themselves:Abr. 4:26;
    • The Gods ended the work that they counseled to do:Abr. 5:2;