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An agreement between God and man, but they do not act as equals in the agreement. God gives the conditions for the covenant, and men agree to do what he asks them to do. God then promises men certain blessings for their obedience.

Principles and ordinances are received by covenant. Members of the Church who make such covenants promise to honor them. For example, members covenant with the Lord at baptism and renew those covenants by partaking of the sacrament. They make further covenants in the temple. The Lord’s people are a covenant people and are greatly blessed as they keep their covenants with the Lord.

  • With thee will I establish my covenant:Gen. 6:18;
  • Keep my covenant; then ye shall be a peculiar treasure:Ex. 19:5;
  • Make no covenant with them nor their gods:Ex. 23:32;
  • Keep the sabbath for a perpetual covenant:Ex. 31:16;
  • I will never break my covenant with you:Judg. 2:1;
  • My Saints have made a covenant with me by sacrifice:Ps. 50:5; ( D&C 97:8; )
  • Remember his holy covenant:Luke 1:72; ( D&C 90:24; )
  • The power of God descended upon the covenant people of the Lord:1 Ne. 14:14;
  • The covenant made to Abraham will be fulfilled in latter days:1 Ne. 15:18; ( 3 Ne. 16:5, 11–12; 3 Ne. 21:7; Morm. 9:37; )
  • Benjamin’s people were willing to enter into a covenant with God to do his will:Mosiah 5:5;
  • Baptism is a testimony that man has entered into a covenant with God to do his will:Mosiah 18:13;
  • Ye are children of the covenant:3 Ne. 20:25–26;
  • Angels fulfill and do the work of the covenants of the Father:Moro. 7:31;
  • The shedding of the blood of Christ is the covenant:Moro. 10:33;
  • Every person who belongs to this Church of Christ shall observe to keep all the covenants:D&C 42:78;
  • Blessed are they who have kept the covenant:D&C 54:6;
  • He who breaks this covenant shall lose his office and standing in the Church:D&C 78:11–12;
  • All those who receive the priesthood receive this oath and covenant:D&C 84:39–40;
  • They are willing to observe their covenants by sacrifice:D&C 97:8;
  • The marriage covenant can be eternal:D&C 132;
  • This shall be our covenant, that we will walk in all the ordinances:D&C 136:4;