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Satan. The devil is the enemy of righteousness and of those who seek to do the will of God. He is literally a spirit son of God and was at one time an angel in authority in the presence of God (Isa. 14:12; 2 Ne. 2:17). However, he rebelled in the premortal life and persuaded a third part of the spirit children of the Father to rebel with him (D&C 29:36; Moses 4:1–4; Abr. 3:27–28). They were cast out of heaven, were denied the opportunity of obtaining mortal bodies and experiencing mortal life, and will be eternally damned. Since the time the devil was cast out of heaven, he has sought constantly to deceive all men and women and lead them away from the work of God in order to make all mankind as miserable as he is (Rev. 12:9; 2 Ne. 2:27; 9:8–9).

  • Jesus rebuked the devil:Matt. 17:18;
  • Everlasting fire is prepared for the devil and his angels:Matt. 25:41;
  • Resist the devil, and he will flee from you:James 4:7;
  • The wicked will be brought down into the captivity of the devil:1 Ne. 14:7;
  • The devil is the father of all lies:2 Ne. 2:18; ( Moses 4:4; )
  • The devil seeks that all men might be miserable like unto himself:2 Ne. 2:27;
  • If the flesh should rise no more, our spirits must become subject to the devil:2 Ne. 9:8–9;
  • The devil will rage, pacify, and flatter:2 Ne. 28:20–23;
  • That which is evil comes from the devil:Omni 1:25; ( Alma 5:40; Moro. 7:12, 17; )
  • Beware lest contentions arise among you, and ye obey the evil spirit:Mosiah 2:32;
  • If ye are not the sheep of the good shepherd, the devil is your shepherd:Alma 5:38–39;
  • The devil will not support his children:Alma 30:60;
  • Pray continually that ye may not be led away by the temptations of the devil:Alma 34:39; ( 3 Ne. 18:15, 18; )
  • Build your foundation upon the Redeemer that the devil’s mighty storm shall have no power over you:Hel. 5:12;
  • The devil is the author of all sin:Hel. 6:26–31;
  • The devil sought to lay a cunning plan:D&C 10:12;
  • It must needs be that the devil tempt the children of men, or they could not be agents:D&C 29:39;
  • Adam became subject to the will of the devil because he yielded unto temptation:D&C 29:40;
  • The sons of perdition will reign with the devil and his angels in eternity:D&C 76:33, 44;
  • The devil will be bound for a thousand years:D&C 88:110; ( Rev. 20:2; )
  • The wicked one takes away light and truth:D&C 93:39;
  • Satan kept not his first estate:Abr. 3:28;

The church of the devil

Every evil and worldly organization on earth that perverts the pure and perfect gospel and fights against the Lamb of God.

  • The devil founded the great and abominable church:1 Ne. 13:6; ( 1 Ne. 14:9; )
  • There are only two churches, one of the Lamb of God and one of the devil:1 Ne. 14:10; ( Alma 5:39; )
  • Contend against no church, save it be the church of the devil:D&C 18:20;
  • The great and abominable church shall be cast down:D&C 29:21;