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As used in the scriptures, a family consists of a husband and wife, children, and sometimes other relatives living in the same house or under one family head. A family can also be a single parent with children, a husband and wife without children, or even a single person living alone.


  • In thee shall all families of the earth be blessed:Gen. 12:3; ( Gen. 28:14; Abr. 2:11; )
  • I will be the God of all the families of Israel:Jer. 31:1;
  • The whole family in heaven and earth is named of the Father:Eph. 3:14–15;
  • Adam and Eve brought forth the family of all the earth:2 Ne. 2:20;
  • Thy glory shall be a continuation of the seeds forever:D&C 132:19;
  • I will give him crowns of eternal lives in the eternal worlds:D&C 132:55;
  • The sealing of the children to the parents is part of the great work of the fulness of times:D&C 138:48;
  • Male and female created I them, and said unto them: Be fruitful, and multiply:Moses 2:27–28;
  • It is not good that the man should be alone:Moses 3:18;
  • Adam and Eve labored together:Moses 5:1;

Parents’ responsibilities

  • Abraham will command his children, and they shall keep the way of the Lord:Gen. 18:17–19;
  • Thou shalt teach these words diligently unto thy children:Deut. 6:7; ( Deut. 11:19; )
  • He who loves his son chastens him:Prov. 13:24; ( Prov. 23:13; )
  • Train up a child in the way he should go:Prov. 22:6;
  • Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest:Eccl. 9:9;
  • All thy children shall be taught of the Lord:Isa. 54:13; ( 3 Ne. 22:13; )
  • Bring them up in the nurture of the Lord:Eph. 6:1–4; ( Enos 1:1; )
  • If any provide not for his own, he hath denied the faith:1 Tim. 5:8;
  • He did exhort them with all the feeling of a tender parent:1 Ne. 8:37;
  • We talk of Christ that our children may know to what source they may look:2 Ne. 25:26;
  • Their husbands and their wives love their children:Jacob 3:7;
  • Teach them to love one another and to serve one another:Mosiah 4:14–15;
  • Ye shall defend your families even unto bloodshed:Alma 43:47;
  • Pray in your families that your wives and your children may be blessed:3 Ne. 18:21;
  • Parents are to teach the gospel to their children:D&C 68:25;
  • Every man is obliged to provide for his own family:D&C 75:28;
  • All children have claim upon their parents:D&C 83:4;
  • Bring up your children in light and truth:D&C 93:40;
  • Set in order your own house:D&C 93:43–44, 50;
  • Priesthood bearers should influence others only by love unfeigned:D&C 121:41;
  • Adam and Eve made all things known unto their children:Moses 5:12;

Child’s responsibilities

Eternal family

The Doctrine and Covenants sets forth the eternal nature of the marriage relationship and the family. Celestial marriage and a continuation of the family unit enable husbands and wives to become gods (D&C 132:15–20).