The Guide to the Scriptures

    Free, Freedom

    The power or ability to make personal choices without compulsion. In a spiritual sense, a person who repents and obeys God’s will is free from the bondage of sin through the atonement of Jesus Christ (Mosiah 5:8).

    • The truth shall make you free:John 8:32;
    • Those who become free from sin receive eternal life:Rom. 6:19–23;
    • A righteous branch of the house of Israel shall be brought out of captivity unto freedom:2 Ne. 3:5;
    • They cried unto the Lord for their freedom:Alma 43:48–50;
    • Moroni did joy in the freedom of his country:Alma 48:11;
    • The Spirit of God is the spirit of freedom:Alma 61:15;
    • Follow me, and you shall be a free people:D&C 38:22;