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The enabling power from God that allows men and women to obtain blessings in this life and to gain eternal life and exaltation after they have exercised faith, repented, and given their best effort to keep the commandments. Such divine help or strength is given through the mercy and love of God. Every mortal person needs divine grace because of Adam’s fall and also because of man’s weaknesses.

  • Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ:John 1:17;
  • Through the grace of Christ, we shall be saved:Acts 15:11; ( Rom. 3:23–24; D&C 138:14; )
  • We have access by faith to his grace:Rom. 5:2;
  • By grace ye are saved through faith:Eph. 2:8;
  • The grace of God brings salvation:Titus 2:11;
  • Come boldly unto the throne of grace:Heb. 4:16;
  • God gives grace to the humble:1 Pet. 5:5;
  • No one can dwell in the presence of God but through the merits, mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah:2 Ne. 2:8;
  • It is only in and through the grace of God that men are saved:2 Ne. 10:24;
  • We are saved by grace, after all we can do:2 Ne. 25:23;
  • It is by grace that we have power to do these things:Jacob 4:7;
  • Men might be restored unto grace for grace, according to their works:Hel. 12:24;
  • My grace is sufficient for the meek and all that humble themselves:Ether 12:26–27;
  • Moroni prayed that the Gentiles be given grace that they might have charity:Ether 12:36, 41;
  • By the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ:Moro. 10:32–33;
  • Jesus received grace for grace:D&C 93:12–13, 20;