To hear and obey the voice or teachings of the Lord.

    • The Lord will raise a prophet like himself, and ye shall hearken to him:Deut. 18:15;
    • To hearken is better than the fat of the rams of sacrifice:1 Sam. 15:20–23;
    • We have not hearkened unto the Lord’s servants, the prophets:Dan. 9:6;
    • The righteous who hearken unto the words of the prophets shall not perish:2 Ne. 26:8;
    • If you will not hearken to the voice of the good shepherd, you are not his sheep:Alma 5:38; ( Hel. 7:18; )
    • Hearken, O ye people of my church:D&C 1:1;
    • Those who hearken to the voice of the Spirit are enlightened and come to the Father:D&C 84:46–47;
    • They were slow to hearken to the Lord; therefore, he is slow to hearken to their prayers:D&C 101:7–9;
    • Those who do not hearken to the commandments are chastened:D&C 103:4; ( Moses 4:4; )