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Joseph, Husband of Mary 

Husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. Joseph was a descendant of David (Matt. 1:1–16; Luke 3:23–38) and lived in Nazareth. He was espoused to Mary. Just before their marriage, Mary received a visit from the angel Gabriel, who announced that Mary had been chosen to be the mother of the Savior (Luke 1:26–35). Joseph also received revelation of this divine birth (Matt. 1:20–25).

Mary was Jesus’ only earthly parent because God the Father was Jesus’ father. But the Jews thought of Joseph as Jesus’ father, and Jesus treated him as such (Luke 2:48, 51). Warned by heavenly dreams, Joseph preserved the infant Jesus’ life by fleeing to Egypt (Matt. 2:13–14). After Herod died, an angel instructed Joseph to take the Christ child back to Israel (Matt. 2:19–23).