In the Book of Mormon, a brass ball with two pointers that gave directions—as a compass—and also spiritual instruction to Lehi and his followers when they were righteous. The Lord provided the Liahona and gave instructions through it.

    • Lehi found a brass ball with two spindles that pointed the way that Lehi and his family should go:1 Ne. 16:10;
    • The ball worked according to faith and diligence:1 Ne. 16:28–29; ( Alma 37:40; )
    • Benjamin gave the ball to Mosiah:Mosiah 1:16;
    • The ball or director was called the Liahona:Alma 37:38;
    • The Liahona was compared to the word of Christ:Alma 37:43–45;
    • The Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon are to see the director given to Lehi:D&C 17:1;