The Guide to the Scriptures

    Martyr, Martyrdom

    A person who gives his life rather than forsake Christ, the gospel, or his righteous beliefs or principles.

    • All the righteous blood from Abel to Zacharias will testify against the wicked:Matt. 23:35; ( Luke 11:50; )
    • Whosoever shall lose his life for Christ’s sake and the gospel’s shall save it:Mark 8:35; ( D&C 98:13; )
    • And they stoned Stephen:Acts 7:59; ( Acts 22:20; )
    • Where a testament is there must be the death of the testator:Heb. 9:16–17;
    • Abinadi fell, having suffered death by fire:Mosiah 17:20;
    • Converted Ammonihahites were thrown into the fire:Alma 14:8–11;
    • Many were slain because they testified of these things:3 Ne. 10:15;
    • Whoso layeth down his life in my cause shall find life eternal:D&C 98:13–14;
    • Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith were martyrs to the restoration of the gospel:D&C 135;
    • Joseph Smith sealed his testimony with his blood:D&C 136:39;