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New and Everlasting Covenant

See also Covenant

The fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ (D&C 66:2). It is new every time it is revealed anew following a period of apostasy. It is everlasting in the sense that it is God’s covenant and has been enjoyed in every gospel dispensation where people have been willing to receive it. The new and everlasting covenant was revealed again to men on earth by Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith. It contains sacred ordinances administered by priesthood authority—such as baptism and temple marriage—that provide for man’s salvation, immortality, and eternal life. When people accept the gospel and promise to keep God’s commandments, God covenants to give them the blessings of his new and everlasting covenant.

  • I will establish my covenant between me and you:Gen. 17:7;
  • He shall have the covenant of an everlasting priesthood:Num. 25:13;
  • The people changed the ordinances and broke the everlasting covenant:Isa. 24:5; ( D&C 1:15; )
  • I will make an everlasting covenant with you:Isa. 55:3; ( Jer. 32:40; )
  • It shall be an everlasting covenant:Ezek. 37:26;
  • The Lord made a new covenant, and the old passed away:Heb. 8:13;
  • Jesus is the mediator of the new covenant:Heb. 12:24; ( D&C 76:69; )
  • This is a new and an everlasting covenant:D&C 22:1;
  • I have sent my everlasting covenant into the world:D&C 45:9; ( D&C 49:9; )
  • The Lord sent the fulness of his gospel, his everlasting covenant:D&C 66:2; ( D&C 133:57; )
  • In order to obtain the highest degree in the celestial kingdom, a man must enter into the new and everlasting covenant of marriage:D&C 131:1–2;
  • The new and everlasting covenant was instituted for the fulness of the Lord’s glory:D&C 132:6, 19;