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Office, Officer

Position of authority or responsibility in an organization, often used in the scriptures to mean a position of priesthood authority; may also mean the duties assigned to the position or the person who holds the position.

  • All members have not the same office:Rom. 12:4;
  • We did magnify our office unto the Lord:Jacob 1:19;
  • Melchizedek received the office of the high priesthood:Alma 13:18;
  • The office of the angels’ ministry is to call men unto repentance:Moro. 7:31;
  • No person is to be ordained to any office in this Church without the vote of that Church:D&C 20:65;
  • Let every man stand in his own office:D&C 84:109;
  • There are presidents, or presiding officers, appointed from among those ordained to the offices in these two priesthoods:D&C 107:21;
  • The duties of those who preside over the offices of the priesthood quorums are described:D&C 107:85–98;
  • Let every man learn his duty, and to act in the office in which he is appointed:D&C 107:99–100;
  • I give unto you the officers belonging to my priesthood:D&C 124:123;