The Guide to the Scriptures

    Presiding Bishop

    A General Authority in the Church. He has general responsibility over the temporal welfare of the Church (D&C 107:68). The Presiding Bishop and his counselors, who are also General Authorities, preside over the Aaronic Priesthood of the Church (D&C 68:16–17; 107:76, 87–88).

    • Edward Partridge to be ordained a bishop:D&C 41:9;
    • Bishops are to be called and set apart by the First Presidency:D&C 68:14–15;
    • Literal descendants of Aaron, who are firstborn, have the right to preside if called, set apart, and ordained by the First Presidency:D&C 68:16, 18–20;
    • May be tried only before the First Presidency:D&C 68:22–24; ( D&C 107:82; )