A faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ.

    • Gather my Saints together unto me:Ps. 50:5;
    • Saul did much evil to the Saints at Jerusalem:Acts 9:1–21;
    • Peter came down also to the Saints which dwelt at Lydda:Acts 9:32;
    • Grace and peace to all that be in Rome, called to be Saints:Rom. 1:7;
    • Ye are fellowcitizens with the Saints:Eph. 2:19–21;
    • I beheld the Church of the Lamb, who were the Saints of God:1 Ne. 14:12;
    • The natural man is an enemy to God unless he becometh a Saint through the atonement of Christ:Mosiah 3:19;
    • I, the Lord, have blessed the land for the use of my Saints:D&C 61:17;
    • Satan maketh war with the Saints of God:D&C 76:28–29;
    • Labor diligently to prepare the Saints for the judgment which is to come:D&C 88:84–85;
    • Saints should impart of their substance to the poor and afflicted:D&C 105:3;
    • The above offices I have given for the work of the ministry and the perfecting of my Saints:D&C 124:143; ( Eph. 4:12; )