The Guide to the Scriptures

    Smith, Hyrum

    An older brother and faithful associate of Joseph Smith. Hyrum was born 9 February 1800. He served as an assistant to Joseph in the Church presidency, as well as being the second Patriarch to the Church. On 27 June 1844, he became a fellow martyr with Joseph in Carthage Jail.

    • God revealed instructions to Hyrum through his brother Joseph:D&C 11;D&C 23:3;
    • Blessed is my servant Hyrum Smith because of the integrity of his heart:D&C 124:15;
    • Hyrum was commanded to take the office of Church patriarch:D&C 124:91–96, 124;
    • Joseph and Hyrum were martyred in Carthage Jail:D&C 135;
    • Hyrum and other choice spirits were reserved to come forth in the fulness of times:D&C 138:53;