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Sons of Perdition

The followers of Satan who will suffer with him in eternity. Sons of perdition include (1) those who followed Satan and were cast out of heaven for rebellion during premortality, and (2) those who were permitted to be born to this world with physical bodies but then served Satan and turned utterly against God. Those in this second group will be resurrected from the dead but will not be redeemed from the second (spiritual) death and cannot dwell in a kingdom of glory (D&C 88:32, 35).

  • None of them is lost but the son of perdition:John 17:12;
  • It is impossible to renew them again unto repentance:Heb. 6:4–6; ( Heb. 10:26–29; )
  • Mercy hath no claim on that man and his final doom is never-ending torment:Mosiah 2:36–39;
  • He is as though there was no redemption made:Mosiah 16:5;
  • Those who deny Christ’s miracles to get gain shall become like the son of perdition:3 Ne. 29:7;
  • They will receive no forgiveness in this world or the next:D&C 76:30–34; ( D&C 84:41; D&C 132:27; )
  • They are the only ones who will not be redeemed from the second death:D&C 76:34–48;
  • Sons of perdition deny the Holy Spirit after receiving it:D&C 76:35;
  • Sons of perdition deny the Son after the Father has revealed him:D&C 76:43;
  • Cain shall be called Perdition:Moses 5:22–26;