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See also Welfare

A place where a bishop receives, holds in trust, and dispenses to the poor consecrated offerings of Latter-day Saints. Each storehouse may be as large or as small as circumstances require. Faithful Saints donate talents, skills, materials, and financial means to the bishop to take care of the poor in time of need. Therefore, a storehouse may include a list of available services, money, food, or other commodities. The bishop is the agent of the storehouse and distributes goods and services according to need and as directed by the Spirit of the Lord (D&C 42:29–36; 82:14–19).

  • Let them gather food for store against the seven years of famine:Gen. 41:34–36, 46–57;
  • Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse:Mal. 3:10; ( 3 Ne. 24:10; )
  • Let the bishop appoint a storehouse unto this Church:D&C 51:13;
  • Excess goods shall be given into my storehouse:D&C 70:7–8;
  • The Saints should organize and establish a storehouse:D&C 78:1–4;
  • Children have claim upon the Lord’s storehouse if their parents have not:D&C 83:5;