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Urim and Thummim

See also Breastplates; Seer

Instruments prepared by God to assist man in obtaining revelation and in translating languages. In the Hebrew language the words mean “lights and perfections.” The Urim and Thummim consist of two stones set in silver bows and sometimes used with a breastplate (D&C 17:1; JS—H 1:35, 42, 52). This earth will become a great Urim and Thummim in its sanctified and immortal state (D&C 130:6–9).

  • Thou shalt put in the breastplate of judgment the Urim and the Thummim:Ex. 28:30;
  • To him that overcometh will I give a white stone:Rev. 2:17;
  • He has wherewith that he can look, and translate:Mosiah 8:13;
  • These two stones will I give unto thee:Ether 3:23–24, 28; ( Ether 4:5; )
  • Joseph Smith received revelations through the Urim and Thummim:D&C headings to sections 6, 11, 14–16;
  • You had power given unto you to translate by the means of the Urim and Thummim:D&C 10:1;
  • The Three Witnesses were to see the Urim and Thummim, which were given to the brother of Jared upon the mount:D&C 17:1;
  • The place where God resides is a great Urim and Thummim. The white stone will become a Urim and Thummim to each individual who receives one:D&C 130:6–11;
  • I, Abraham, had the Urim and Thummim:Abr. 3:1, 4;