3. The New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio Area of the USA

Church history map 3(click to view larger)
  1. South Bainbridge Joseph Smith Jr. and Emma Hale were married here on January 18, 1827 (see JS—H 1:57).

  2. Colesville The first branch of the Church was organized at the Joseph Knight Sr. home, in Colesville Township, in 1830.

  3. Joseph Smith Jr. Home in Harmony Much of the translation of the Book of Mormon was completed here. The priesthood was restored nearby in 1829 (see D&C 13; 128:20; JS—H 1:71–72).

  4. Fayette The Three Witnesses saw the gold plates and the angel Moroni here (D&C 17). The Book of Mormon translation was completed here in June 1829. The Church was organized here on April 6, 1830 (see D&C 20–21).

  5. Mendon Early home of Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball.

  6. Kirtland Missionaries who had been sent to the Lamanites stopped here in 1830 and baptized Sidney Rigdon and others in the Kirtland area. It was the headquarters of the Church from 1831 to 1838. The first temple of this dispensation was built in Kirtland and was dedicated March 27, 1836 (see D&C 109).

  7. Erie Canal The three branches of the Church in New York (Colesville, Fayette, and Manchester) emigrated via the Erie Canal and Lake Erie to Kirtland, Ohio, in April and May 1831.

  8. Hiram Joseph and Emma lived here from September 1831 to September 1832. Joseph and Sidney Rigdon worked on the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible (JST). Revelations received here: D&C 1; 65–71; 73; 76–77; 79–81; 99; 133.

  9. Amherst Joseph Smith was sustained as President of the High Priesthood on January 25, 1832 (see D&C 75).

  10. Toronto Home of John Taylor, third President of the Church, and Mary Fielding Smith, wife of Hyrum Smith.