Church History Photographs


The map below shows the location of the photographs in this section. On the following pages, each numbered photograph is accompanied by a short description of the setting. Significant scriptural events from that area are then listed, along with scripture references so that you can know where to read more about those events.

  1. Sacred Grove

  2. Hill Cumorah and Palmyra-Manchester Area

  3. Log House of Joseph Smith Sr.

  4. Grandin Press and Print Shop

  5. Susquehanna River

  6. Peter Whitmer Sr. Home Site

  7. Newel K. Whitney and Company Store

  8. John Johnson Home

  9. Kirtland Temple

  10. Adam-ondi-Ahman

  11. Far West Temple Site

  12. Liberty Jail

  13. Mansion House in Nauvoo

  14. Joseph Smith Jr.’s Red Brick Store

  15. Nauvoo Temple

  16. Carthage Jail

  17. Exodus to the West

  18. Salt Lake Temple

overview map(click to view larger)