Following are selected portions of the Joseph Smith Translation of the King James Version of the Bible (JST). The Lord inspired the Prophet Joseph Smith to restore truths to the King James Bible text that had become lost or changed since the original words were written. These restored truths clarified doctrine and improved scriptural understanding.

Because the Lord revealed to Joseph certain truths that the original authors had once recorded, the Joseph Smith Translation is unlike any other Bible translation in the world. In this sense, the word translation is used in a broader and different way than usual, for Joseph’s translation was more revelation than literal translation from one language into another.

Joseph Smith’s translation of the King James Bible has connections with or is mentioned in several sections of the Doctrine and Covenants (see sections 37, 45, 73, 76, 77, 86, 91, and 132). Also, the book of Moses and Joseph Smith—Matthew are excerpts from the Joseph Smith Translation.

For more information about the Joseph Smith Translation, see “Joseph Smith Translation (JST)” in the Bible Dictionary.

The following illustration shows a sample selection from the Joseph Smith Translation:

sample(click to view larger)