The First Book of Samuel

1 Samuel 

Chapter 1

Hannah prays for a son and vows to give him to the Lord—Eli the priest blesses her—Samuel is born—Hannah loans him to the Lord.

Chapter 2

Hannah sings praises to the Lord—Samuel ministers before the Lord—Eli blesses Elkanah and Hannah, and they have sons and daughters—The sons of Eli reject the Lord and live in wickedness—The Lord rejects the house of Eli.

Chapter 3

The Lord calls Samuel—The house of Eli will not be purged by sacrifices and offerings—Samuel is recognized as a prophet by all Israel—The Lord appears to him.

Chapter 4

The Israelites are smitten and defeated by the Philistines, who also capture the ark of God—Eli’s sons are slain, Eli dies in an accident, and his daughter-in-law dies in childbirth.

Chapter 5

The Philistines place the ark in the house of Dagon, their god—The Philistines in Ashdod, then Gath, and then Ekron are plagued and slain because the ark is lodged with them.

Chapter 6

The Philistines send back the ark with an offering—The Lord smites and slays the Israelites in Beth-shemesh who look into the ark.

Chapter 7

Samuel exhorts Israel to forsake Ashtaroth and Baalim and serve the Lord—Israel fasts and seeks the Lord—The Philistines are subdued—Samuel judges Israel.

Chapter 8

Samuel’s sons take bribes and pervert judgment—The Israelites seek for a king to rule over them—Samuel rehearses the nature and evils of kingly rule—The Lord consents to give them a king.

Chapter 9

Saul, the son of Kish, a Benjamite, is a choice and goodly person—He is sent to seek his father’s asses—The Lord reveals to Samuel the seer that Saul is to be king—Saul goes to Samuel and is entertained by him.

Chapter 10

Samuel anoints Saul to be captain over the Lord’s inheritance—Samuel manifests the gift of seership—Saul prophesies among the prophets, and the Lord gives him a new heart—He is chosen king at Mizpeh.

Chapter 11

The Ammonites encamp against the Israelites of Jabesh-gilead—Saul rescues them and defeats the Ammonites—His kingship is renewed in Gilgal.

Chapter 12

Samuel testifies of his own just dealings in Israel—He reproves the people for their ingratitude—He exhorts them to keep the commandments lest the Lord consume them and their king.

Chapter 13

Saul offers a burnt offering—The Lord rejects him and chooses another captain over His people.

Chapter 14

Jonathan smites the garrison of the Philistines—Saul instructs the people to eat no food until evening—Unaware of the oath, Jonathan eats, and Saul decrees his death—He is rescued by the people—Saul vexes his enemies on every hand.

Chapter 15

Saul is commanded to smite and destroy the Amalekites and all that they have—He saves some animals to sacrifice—Saul is rejected as king and told that to obey is better than sacrifice—Samuel destroys Agag.

Chapter 16

The Lord chooses David of Bethlehem as king—He is anointed by Samuel—Saul chooses David as his companion and armor bearer.

Chapter 17

Israel and the Philistines engage in war—Goliath of Gath, a giant, defies Israel and challenges any Israelite to personal combat—David goes against him in the name of the Lord—David slays Goliath with a sling and a stone—Israel defeats the Philistines.

Chapter 18

Jonathan loves David—Saul sets David over his armies—David is honored by the people, and Saul becomes jealous—David marries Michal, a daughter of Saul.

Chapter 19

Saul seeks to kill David—Michal saves David by artifice—David joins Samuel and the company of prophets.

Chapter 20

David and Jonathan make a covenant of friendship and peace—They take leave of each other.

Chapter 21

David gets help from Ahimelech the priest—He eats the shewbread—He goes to Gath, where he pretends madness.

Chapter 22

David gains followers—He goes from one place to another, fleeing from Saul—Saul slays the priests who showed kindness to David.

Chapter 23

David smites the Philistines and saves Keilah—He continues to flee from Saul—Jonathan comforts him in Ziph.

Chapter 24

David finds Saul in a cave and spares his life—Saul confesses that David is more righteous than he—David swears that he will not cut off the seed of Saul.

Chapter 25

Samuel dies—Nabal rebuffs David and refuses to give him food—Abigail intercedes, saves Nabal, and gives David a present—David is pacified, Nabal dies, and David marries Abigail.

Chapter 26

David again spares Saul’s life—He again refuses to stretch forth his hand against the Lord’s anointed—Saul and David separate.

Chapter 27

David flees to Achish at Gath—He dwells among the Philistines for sixteen months.

Chapter 28

Saul inquires of the witch of Endor for revelation—She foretells his death, the death of his sons, and the defeat of Israel by the Philistines.

Chapter 29

Israel and the Philistines gather for war—The Philistine princes send David away.

Chapter 30

The Amalekites spoil Ziklag and the borders of Judah—David smites Amalek and regains and divides the spoil.

Chapter 31

The Philistines defeat Israel—Saul and his three sons are slain—Their bodies are retrieved by the Gileadites and burned.