The Second Book of the Chronicles

2 Chronicles 

Chapter 1

The Lord honors Solomon before all Israel—The Lord appears to him—Solomon chooses and is given wisdom—His kingdom is blessed with splendor and riches.

Chapter 2

Solomon engages Huram of Tyre to supply timber for the temple—Laborers are organized to do the work.

Chapter 3

Solomon begins to build the temple—He makes the veil and the pillars, and uses much gold and many precious stones.

Chapter 4

Solomon makes a basin and places it on twelve oxen—The altar, basins, pots, and various items are made.

Chapter 5

The temple is finished, and the ark of the covenant is placed in the holy of holies—The glory of the Lord fills the temple.

Chapter 6

Solomon blesses the congregation of Israel—He offers the dedicatory prayer for the temple—He prays for mercy and blessings for penitent Israel.

Chapter 7

Fire comes down from heaven and consumes the sacrifices and burnt offerings—The Lord appears to Solomon and promises to bless the people—The Israelites will prosper if they keep the commandments.

Chapter 8

Solomon builds cities—He offers sacrifices according to the law of Moses—Priests and Levites are appointed to serve the Lord.

Chapter 9

The queen of Sheba visits Solomon—He excels in wisdom, wealth, and magnificence—After reigning forty years, Solomon dies, and Rehoboam becomes king.

Chapter 10

The people request relief, but Rehoboam promises to increase the burdens upon the people—Israel rebels and the kingdom is divided.

Chapter 11

Rehoboam strengthens the kingdom of Judah but is forbidden to subdue Israel—Jeroboam leads the kingdom of Israel into idolatry—Rehoboam takes many wives and concubines.

Chapter 12

Rehoboam forsakes the law of the Lord—The Egyptians plunder Jerusalem and take the treasures of the house of the Lord—The people repent and receive partial deliverance—Rehoboam dies.

Chapter 13

Abijah reigns in Judah—He defeats Jeroboam and the armies of Israel—The Lord strikes Jeroboam, and he dies.

Chapter 14

Asa reigns in Judah, rebuilds the cities, and defeats and plunders the Ethiopians, who attack Judah.

Chapter 15

Azariah prophesies that Judah will prosper if the people keep the commandments—Asa does away with false worship in Judah—Many from Ephraim, Manasseh, and Simeon migrate to Judah—The people covenant to serve the Lord and are blessed.

Chapter 16

Asa employs Syria to defeat Israel—Hanani the seer reproves Asa for lack of faith—Asa suffers from disease and dies.

Chapter 17

Jehoshaphat reigns well and prospers in Judah—Priests travel and teach out of the book of the law of the Lord.

Chapter 18

Jehoshaphat of Judah joins Ahab of Israel to fight Syria—Ahab’s false prophets foretell victory—Micaiah prophesies the fall and death of Ahab—The Syrians slay Ahab.

Chapter 19

Jehoshaphat is rebuked for helping ungodly Ahab—He helps the people return to the Lord, sets up judges, and administers justice.

Chapter 20

The Ammonites and others attack Judah—Jehoshaphat and all the people fast and pray—Jahaziel prophesies the deliverance of Judah—Judah’s attackers war among and destroy themselves.

Chapter 21

Jehoram slays his brothers, marries Ahab’s daughter, and reigns in wickedness—Elijah prophesies a plague upon the people and the death of Jehoram—The Philistines and others war against Judah—Jehoram dies of sore diseases.

Chapter 22

Ahaziah reigns in wickedness and is slain by Jehu; his mother, Athaliah, reigns in his stead.

Chapter 23

Jehoiada the priest makes Joash king—Athaliah is slain—Worship of the Lord is restored, and the priest of Baal is slain.

Chapter 24

Joash and Jehoiada receive contributions and repair the house of the Lord—Jehoiada dies—Joash falls into idolatry, slays a prophet named Zechariah, and is himself slain in a conspiracy.

Chapter 25

Amaziah reigns, smites the Edomites, and worships false gods—A prophet foretells Amaziah’s destruction—Judah is defeated by Israel, and Amaziah is slain in a conspiracy.

Chapter 26

Uzziah reigns and prospers as long as he keeps the commandments—He transgresses, attempts to burn incense upon the altar, and is cursed with leprosy.

Chapter 27

Jotham reigns, builds up the kingdom, and subdues the Ammonites.

Chapter 28

Ahaz reigns in wickedness and practices idolatry; his people are defeated by Israel—The captives are freed by the command of a prophet—The Edomites and Philistines attack Judah—Ahaz continues his idolatrous ways.

Chapter 29

Hezekiah reigns in righteousness and restores the worship of Jehovah—The Levites cleanse and sanctify the house of the Lord—The priests offer sacrifices and make reconciliation and atonement for the people—Hezekiah and all the people worship the Lord and praise His name.

Chapter 30

Hezekiah invites all Israel to a solemn Passover in Jerusalem—Some accept the call; others laugh him to scorn—The faithful Israelites worship the Lord in Jerusalem.

Chapter 31

The faithful Israelites overthrow false worship among them—The people pay tithes and offerings—The Levites administer in temporal matters—Hezekiah serves faithfully.

Chapter 32

Sennacherib invades Judah and besieges the cities—He rails against the Lord—Isaiah and Hezekiah pray, and an angel destroys the leaders of the Assyrian armies—Hezekiah reigns in righteousness despite some pride in his heart.

Chapter 33

Manasseh reigns in wickedness and worships false gods—He is taken captive into Assyria—He repents and serves the Lord—Amon reigns in unrighteousness and is slain.

Chapter 34

Josiah destroys idolatry in Judah—The people of Judah repair the house of the Lord—Hilkiah finds a book of the law—Huldah the prophetess reveals the desolations to come upon the people—Josiah and the people covenant to serve the Lord.

Chapter 35

Josiah and all Judah keep a most solemn Passover—Josiah is mortally wounded by the Egyptians at Megiddo.

Chapter 36

Various kings rule in Judah—Nebuchadnezzar overruns Judah and makes Zedekiah king—Zedekiah rebels, the people reject the prophets, and the Chaldeans burn the temple and destroy Jerusalem—Cyrus of Persia decrees the building of the temple.