The Second Book of Samuel

2 Samuel 

Chapter 1

David learns of the death of Saul and Jonathan—He slays the Amalekite who claims to have killed Saul—David laments the passing of Saul and Jonathan with a song.

Chapter 2

David is anointed king over the house of Judah—Ishbosheth becomes the king of Israel—David’s followers defeat Abner and the men of Israel.

Chapter 3

The houses of David and Saul engage in a long war—David grows stronger—Abner joins David but is slain by Joab—David mourns for Abner.

Chapter 4

Two of Saul’s captains slay Ishbosheth—They take his head to David, who has them slain for killing a righteous person.

Chapter 5

All Israel anoints David king—He takes Jerusalem and is blessed of the Lord—He conquers the Philistines.

Chapter 6

David takes the ark to the city of David—Uzzah is smitten for steadying the ark and dies—David dances before the Lord, causing a breach between him and Michal.

Chapter 7

David offers to build a house for the Lord—The Lord, through Nathan, says He has not asked David to do so—The Lord will establish David’s house and kingdom forever—David offers a prayer of thanksgiving.

Chapter 8

David defeats and subjects many nations—The Lord is with him—He executes judgment and justice unto all his people.

Chapter 9

David seeks to honor the house of Saul—He finds Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan, to whom he restores all the land of Saul.

Chapter 10

David’s messengers are abused by the Ammonites—Israel defeats the Ammonites and Syrians.

Chapter 11

David lies with Bathsheba, and she conceives—He then arranges for the death in battle of her husband, Uriah.

Chapter 12

Nathan tells David the parable of the ewe lamb—The Lord gave many wives to David, who is now cursed for taking Bathsheba—David fasts and prays for his son, but the Lord takes him—Solomon is born—David conquers the royal city of the Ammonites.

Chapter 13

Amnon desires Tamar, his sister, and forces her—He is slain by Absalom’s command—Absalom flees to Geshur.

Chapter 14

Joab arranges by artifice to bring Absalom home after three years—After two more years, Absalom sees the king, and they are reconciled.

Chapter 15

Absalom conspires against David and gains the support of the people—David flees, and Absalom enters Jerusalem.

Chapter 16

Mephibosheth is alleged to be seeking to be king—Shimei, of the house of Saul, curses David—Ahithophel counsels Absalom, and Absalom takes his father’s concubines.

Chapter 17

Ahithophel’s counsel is overthrown by Hushai’s—David is warned and flees over the Jordan—Ahithophel hangs himself—The people prepare for war.

Chapter 18

The Israelites are smitten in the woods of Ephraim—Joab slays Absalom—Tidings of his death are taken to David, who mourns for his son.

Chapter 19

Joab rebukes David for favoring his enemies instead of his friends—David replaces Joab with Amasa—Shimei, who cursed David, is pardoned—Mephibosheth pledges allegiance to David—The men of Judah take David back to Jerusalem.

Chapter 20

Sheba leads the tribes of Israel away from David—Joab slays Amasa and pursues Sheba—A wise woman intercedes—The death of Sheba ends the insurrection.

Chapter 21

The Lord sends a famine—David understands that the famine came because Saul smote the Gibeonites, contrary to the oath of Israel—David delivers up seven sons of Saul to be hanged by the Gibeonites—Israel and the Philistines continue their wars.

Chapter 22

David praises the Lord in a psalm of thanksgiving—The Lord is his fortress and savior, He is mighty and powerful in deliverance, He rewards men according to their righteousness, He shows mercy to the merciful, His way is perfect, He lives, and blessed is He.

Chapter 23

David speaks by the power of the Holy Ghost—Rulers must be just, ruling in the fear of God—David’s mighty men are named and their deeds extolled.

Chapter 24

David sins in numbering Israel and Judah—The men of war total 1,300,000—The Lord destroys 70,000 men by pestilence—David sees an angel, offers sacrifice, and the plague is stayed.