The Book of Esther


Chapter 1

Ahasuerus of Persia and Media makes royal feasts—Vashti disobeys the king and is deposed as queen.

Chapter 2

Ahasuerus seeks a new queen—Mordecai presents Esther—Esther pleases the king and is chosen as queen—Mordecai exposes a plot against the king.

Chapter 3

Mordecai, the Jew, refuses to bow to Haman—Haman arranges a decree to kill all the Jews in the kingdom.

Chapter 4

Mordecai and the Jews mourn and fast because of the king’s decree—Esther, at the peril of her life, prepares to go in unto the king.

Chapter 5

The king receives Esther—She invites him and Haman to a banquet—Haman plans to have Mordecai hanged.

Chapter 6

Mordecai receives great honors—Haman mourns and is counseled by his wife.

Chapter 7

Esther reveals Haman’s plot to destroy the Jews—He is hanged on his own gallows.

Chapter 8

Mordecai is honored and placed over the house of Haman—Ahasuerus issues a decree to preserve the Jews.

Chapter 9

The Jews slay their enemies, including Haman’s ten sons—The Feast of Purim is instituted to commemorate their deliverance and victory.

Chapter 10

Mordecai, the Jew, stands next to Ahasuerus in power and might.