Chapter 1

King Cyrus of Persia lets the Jews go back to Jerusalem to build the temple—Cyrus returns the vessels of the house of the Lord taken by Nebuchadnezzar.

Chapter 2

The descendants of the Jews taken captive who return to Jerusalem and to Judah are listed—The children of priests whose genealogy is lost are denied the priesthood—Faithful people contribute to the building of the temple.

Chapter 3

The altar is rebuilt—Regular sacrifices are reinstituted—The foundations of the temple are laid amid great rejoicing.

Chapter 4

The Samaritans offer help, then hinder the work—The building of the temple and of the walls of Jerusalem ceases.

Chapter 5

Haggai and Zechariah prophesy—Zerubbabel renews the building of the temple—The Samaritans challenge the Jews’ right to continue their building work.

Chapter 6

Darius renews the decree of Cyrus to build the temple—It is finished and dedicated, and sacrifices and feasts commence again.

Chapter 7

Ezra goes up to Jerusalem—Artaxerxes provides for beautifying the temple and sustains the Jews in their worship.

Chapter 8

Those who go up from Babylon to Jerusalem are listed—The Levites are called to accompany them—Ezra and the people fast and pray for and gain guidance and protection in going to Jerusalem.

Chapter 9

Many Jews intermarry with the Canaanites and others and follow their abominations—Ezra prays and confesses the sins of all the people.

Chapter 10

The Jews covenant to put away their wives taken from the Canaanites and others—Ezra assembles the people at Jerusalem—The Levites who married non-Israelite women are listed.