Chapter 1

Hosea and his family are a sign unto Israel—In the day of gathering, the people of Israel will become the sons of the living God.

Chapter 2

Worshipping false gods brings severe judgments upon Israel—In the last days, Israel will be reconciled to God and become His people.

Chapter 3

Israel will seek the Lord, return to the Lord, and receive of His goodness in the latter days.

Chapter 4

Israel loses all truth, mercy, and knowledge of God and goes whoring after false gods.

Chapter 5

The kingdoms of Judah and Israel will both fall because of their iniquities.

Chapter 6

Hosea calls Israel to return and serve the Lord—The mercy and knowledge of God are more important than ritualistic sacrifices.

Chapter 7

Israel is reproved for her many sins—Ephraim is mixed among the people.

Chapter 8

Both Israel and Judah have forsaken the Lord—The Lord has written the great things of His law to Ephraim.

Chapter 9

The people of Israel are taken into captivity for their sins—Ephraim will be a wanderer among the nations.

Chapter 10

Israel has plowed wickedness and reaped iniquity—Hosea calls upon Israel to seek the Lord.

Chapter 11

Israel, as a child, was called out of Egypt in similitude of our Lord, as a child, coming out of Egypt—But Ephraim turns away from the Lord.

Chapter 12

The Lord uses prophets, visions, and similitudes to guide His people, but they become rich and will not wait on the Lord—Ephraim provokes Him most bitterly.

Chapter 13

Ephraim’s sins provoke the Lord—There is no Savior beside the Lord—He ransoms from the grave and redeems from death.

Chapter 14

In the last days, Ephraim will repent and return unto the Lord.