The Book of the Prophet Isaiah


Chapter 1
The people of Israel are apostate, rebellious, and corrupt; only a few remain faithful—The people’s sacrifices and feasts are rejected—They are called upon to repent and work righteousness—Zion will be redeemed in the day of restoration.
Chapter 2
Isaiah sees the latter-day temple, gathering of Israel, and millennial judgment and peace—The proud and wicked will be brought low at the Second Coming—Compare 2 Nephi 12.
Chapter 3
Judah and Jerusalem will be punished for their disobedience—The Lord pleads for and judges His people—The daughters of Zion are cursed and tormented for their worldliness—Compare 2 Nephi 13.
Chapter 4
Zion and her daughters will be redeemed and cleansed in the millennial day—Compare 2 Nephi 14.
Chapter 5
The Lord’s vineyard (Israel) will become desolate, and His people will be scattered—Woes will come upon them in their apostate and scattered state—The Lord will lift an ensign and gather Israel—Compare 2 Nephi 15.
Chapter 6
Isaiah sees the Lord—His sins are forgiven—He is called to prophesy—He prophesies of the Jews’ rejection of Christ’s teachings—A remnant will return—Compare 2 Nephi 16.
Chapter 7
Ephraim and Syria wage war against Judah—Christ will be born of a virgin—Compare 2 Nephi 17.
Chapter 8
Christ will be as a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense—Seek the Lord, not muttering wizards—Turn to the law and to the testimony for guidance—Compare 2 Nephi 18.
Chapter 9
Isaiah speaks about the Messiah—The people in darkness will see a great Light—Unto us a Child is born—He will be the Prince of Peace and reign on David’s throne—Compare 2 Nephi 19.
Chapter 10
The destruction of Assyria is a type of the destruction of the wicked at the Second Coming—Few people will be left after the Lord comes again—The remnant of Jacob will return in that day—Compare 2 Nephi 20.
Chapter 11
The stem of Jesse (Christ) will judge in righteousness—The knowledge about God will cover the earth in the Millennium—The Lord will raise an ensign and gather Israel—Compare 2 Nephi 21.
Chapter 12
In the millennial day, all men will praise the Lord—He will dwell among them—Compare 2 Nephi 22.
Chapter 13
The destruction of Babylon is a type of the destruction at the Second Coming—It will be a day of wrath and vengeance—Babylon (the world) will fall forever—Compare 2 Nephi 23.
Chapter 14
Israel will be gathered and enjoy millennial rest—Lucifer was cast out of heaven for rebellion—Israel will triumph over Babylon (the world)—Compare 2 Nephi 24.
Chapter 15
Moab will be laid waste, and her people will howl and weep.
Chapter 16
Moab is condemned, and her people will sorrow—The Messiah will sit on David’s throne, seeking justice and hastening righteousness.
Chapter 17
Israel was scattered because she forgot God—Yet the nations that plunder her will be destroyed.
Chapter 18
The Lord will raise the gospel ensign, send messengers to His scattered people, and gather them to Mount Zion.
Chapter 19
The Lord will smite and destroy Egypt—Finally He will heal her, and Egypt and Assyria will be blessed with Israel.
Chapter 20
Assyria will overrun Egypt and make her ashamed.
Chapter 21
Babylon is fallen, is fallen!—Other nations also are destroyed.
Chapter 22
Jerusalem will be attacked and scourged—The people will be carried captive—The Messiah will hold the key of the house of David, inherit glory, and be fastened as a nail in a sure place.
Chapter 23
Tyre will be overthrown.
Chapter 24
Men will transgress the law and break the everlasting covenant—At the Second Coming, they will be burned, the earth will reel, and the sun will be ashamed—Then the Lord will reign in Zion and in Jerusalem.
Chapter 25
In Mount Zion the Lord will prepare a gospel feast of rich food—He will swallow up death in victory—It will be said, Lo, this is our God.
Chapter 26
Trust in the Lord forever—Jehovah will die and be resurrected—All men will rise in the Resurrection.
Chapter 27
The people of Israel will blossom and bud and fill the earth with fruit—They will be gathered one by one and will worship the Lord.
Chapter 28
Woe to the drunkards of Ephraim!—Revelation comes line upon line and precept upon precept—Christ, the sure foundation, is promised.
Chapter 29
A people (the Nephites) will speak as a voice from the dust—The Apostasy, restoration of the gospel, and coming forth of a sealed book (the Book of Mormon) are foretold—Compare 2 Nephi 27.
Chapter 30
Israel is scattered for rejecting the seers and prophets—Israel’s people will be gathered and blessed temporally and spiritually—The Lord will come in a day of apostasy to judge and destroy the wicked.
Chapter 31
Israel is reproved for turning to Egypt for help—When the Lord comes, He will defend and preserve His people.
Chapter 32
A king (the Messiah) will reign in righteousness—The land of Israel will be a wilderness until the day of restoration and gathering.
Chapter 33
Apostasy and wickedness will precede the Second Coming—The Lord will come with devouring fire—Zion and its stakes will be perfected—The Lord is our Judge, Lawgiver, and King.
Chapter 34
The Second Coming will be a day of vengeance and judgment—The indignation of the Lord will be upon all nations—His sword will fall upon the world.
Chapter 35
In the day of restoration, the desert will blossom, the Lord will come, Israel will be gathered, and Zion will be built up.
Chapter 36
The Assyrians war against Judah and blaspheme the Lord.
Chapter 37
Hezekiah seeks counsel from Isaiah to save Jerusalem—Isaiah prophesies the defeat of the Assyrians and the death of Sennacherib—Hezekiah prays for deliverance—Sennacherib sends a blasphemous letter—Isaiah prophesies that the Assyrians will be destroyed and that a remnant of Judah will flourish—An angel slays 185,000 Assyrians—Sennacherib is slain by his sons.
Chapter 38
Hezekiah’s life is lengthened fifteen years—The sun goes back ten degrees as a sign—Hezekiah praises and thanks the Lord.
Chapter 39
Hezekiah reveals his wealth to Babylon—Isaiah prophesies the Babylonian captivity.
Chapter 40
Isaiah speaks about the Messiah—Prepare ye the way of the Lord—He will feed His flock like a shepherd—Israel’s God is incomparably great.
Chapter 41
To Israel the Lord says, Ye are my servants; I will preserve you—Idols are nothing—One will bring good tidings to Jerusalem.
Chapter 42
Isaiah speaks about the Messiah—The Lord will bring His law and His justice, be a light to the Gentiles, and free the prisoners—Praise the Lord.
Chapter 43
To Israel the Lord says, I am your God; I will gather your descendants; beside me there is no Savior; you are my witnesses.
Chapter 44
The Lord’s Spirit will be poured out on the descendants of Israel—Idols of wood are as fuel for a fire—The Lord will gather, bless, and redeem Israel and rebuild Jerusalem.
Chapter 45
Cyrus will free the captives of Israel from Babylon—Come unto Jehovah (Christ) and be saved—To Him every knee will bow and every tongue will take an oath.
Chapter 46
Idols are not to be compared with the Lord—He alone is God and will save Israel.
Chapter 47
Babylon and Chaldea will be destroyed for their iniquities—No one will save them.
Chapter 48
The Lord reveals His purposes to Israel—Israel has been chosen in the furnace of affliction and is to depart from Babylon—Compare 1 Nephi 20.
Chapter 49
The Messiah will be a light to the Gentiles and will free the prisoners—Israel will be gathered with power in the last days—Kings will be the nursing fathers of Israel—Compare 1 Nephi 21.
Chapter 50
Isaiah speaks as the Messiah—He will have the tongue of the learned—He will give His back to the smiters—He will not be confounded—Compare 2 Nephi 7.
Chapter 51
In the last days, the Lord will comfort Zion and gather Israel—The redeemed will come to Zion amid great joy—Compare 2 Nephi 8.
Chapter 52
In the last days, Zion will return, and Israel will be redeemed—The Messiah will deal prudently and be exalted.
Chapter 53
Isaiah speaks about the Messiah—His humiliation and sufferings are described—He makes His soul an offering for sin and makes intercession for the transgressors—Compare Mosiah 14.
Chapter 54
In the last days, Zion and her stakes will be established, and Israel will be gathered in mercy and tenderness—Israel will triumph—Compare 3 Nephi 22.
Chapter 55
Come and drink; salvation is free—The Lord will make an everlasting covenant with Israel—Seek the Lord while He is near.
Chapter 56
All who keep the commandments will be exalted—Other people will join Israel—The Lord will gather others to the house of Israel.
Chapter 57
When the righteous die, they enter into peace—Mercy is promised to the penitent—There is no peace for the wicked.
Chapter 58
The true law of the fast, with its purposes and attendant blessings, is set forth—The commandment to keep the Sabbath is given.
Chapter 59
The people of Israel are separated from their God by iniquity—Their sins testify against them—The Messiah will intercede, come to Zion, and redeem the repentant.
Chapter 60
In the last days, Israel will rise again as a mighty nation—The gentile peoples will join with and serve Israel—Zion will be established—Finally, Israel will dwell in celestial splendor.
Chapter 61
Isaiah speaks about the Messiah—The Messiah will have the Spirit, preach the gospel, and proclaim liberty—In the last days, the Lord will call His ministers and make an everlasting covenant with the people.
Chapter 62
In the last days, Israel will be gathered—Zion will be established—Her watchmen will teach about the Lord—The gospel standard will be lifted up—The people will be called holy, the redeemed of the Lord.
Chapter 63
The Second Coming will be a day of vengeance and also the year of the redeemed of the Lord—Then the Saints will praise the Lord and acknowledge Him as their father.
Chapter 64
The people of the Lord pray for the Second Coming and for the salvation that will then be theirs.
Chapter 65
Ancient Israel was rejected for rejecting the Lord—The Lord’s people will rejoice and triumph during the Millennium.
Chapter 66
At the Second Coming, Israel, as a nation, will be born in a day; the wicked will be destroyed; and the Gentiles will hear the gospel.