Doctrine and Covenants 124:82,97,107,118,126

82 Let my servant William Law pay stock into that house, for himself and his seed after him, from generation to generation.


TI Guile

William Law admonished to be humble and without guile, D&C 124:97.

TI Solemn, Solemnity

Joseph Smith and William Law called to make solemn proclamation of gospel, D&C 124:2, 107.

TI Poison, Poisonous

William Law to be delivered from those who would give him deadly poison, D&C 124:98.

TI Mission

mission in store for William Law and Hyrum Smith, D&C 124:102.

TI Raise

if the Lord will that William Law raise dead, let him not withhold his voice, D&C 124:100.

TI First Presidency

Sidney Rigdon and William Law given as counselors to constitute quorum of First Presidency, D&C 124:126.

TI Translate, Translation, Translator

William Law to publish translation of scriptures, D&C 124:89.