Alma 23:12

12 And also of the people of the Lamanites who were in the land of aShilom, and who were in the land of Shemlon, and in the city of Lemuel, and in the city of Shimnilom.

Mosiah 24:1

1 And it came to pass that Amulon did gain favor in the eyes of the king of the Lamanites; therefore, the king of the Lamanites granted unto him and his brethren that they should be appointed teachers over his people, yea, even over the people who were in the land of Shemlon, and in the land of Shilom, and in the aland of Amulon.

Mosiah 11:12

12 And it came to pass that he built a atower near the temple; yea, a very high tower, even so high that he could stand upon the top thereof and overlook the land of bShilom, and also the land of cShemlon, which was possessed by the Lamanites; and he could even look over all the land round about.

Mosiah 10:7

7 But I had sent my spies out round about the land of aShemlon, that I might discover their preparations, that I might guard against them, that they might not come upon my people and destroy them.

Mosiah 19:6

6 And Gideon pursued after him and was about to get upon the tower to slay the king, and the king cast his eyes round about towards the land of aShemlon, and behold, the army of the Lamanites were within the borders of the land.

Mosiah 20:1

1 Now there was a place in aShemlon where the daughters of the Lamanites did gather themselves together to sing, and to bdance, and to make themselves merry.

TI Shemlon, Land of

Zeniff sends spies round about Shemlon, Mosiah 10:7.


TI Spy

Zeniff sends spies around land of Shemlon, Mosiah 10:7.

TI Sing, Sang, Sung, Singing

Lamanites’ daughters gather in Shemlon to sing and dance, Mosiah 20:1.