Alma 5:46,54

46 Behold, I say unto you they are made aknown unto me by the Holy Spirit of God. Behold, I have bfasted and prayed many days that I might know these things of myself. And now I do know of myself that they are true; for the Lord God hath made them manifest unto me by his Holy Spirit; and this is the spirit of crevelation which is in me.


Alma 31:36

36 Now it came to pass that when Alma had said these words, that he aclapped his bhands upon all them who were with him. And behold, as he clapped his hands upon them, they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Book of Mormon Introduction

Those who gain this divine witness from the Holy Spirit will also come to know by the same power that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, that Joseph Smith is His revelator and prophet in these last days, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord’s kingdom once again established on the earth, preparatory to the Second Coming of the Messiah.

Alma 11:44

44 Now, this restoration shall come to all, both old and young, both bond and free, both male and female, both the wicked and the righteous; and even there shall not so much as a hair of their heads be lost; but every thing shall be arestored to its perfect frame, as it is now, or in the body, and shall be brought and be arraigned before the bar of Christ the Son, and God the bFather, and the Holy Spirit, which is cone Eternal God, to be djudged according to their works, whether they be good or whether they be evil.

Helaman 5:45

45 And behold, the aHoly Spirit of God did come down from heaven, and did enter into their hearts, and they were filled as if with fire, and they could bspeak forth marvelous words.

Jarom 1:4

4 And there are many among us who have many arevelations, for they are not all bstiffnecked. And as many as are not stiffnecked and have faith, have ccommunion with the Holy Spirit, which maketh manifest unto the children of men, according to their faith.

Alma 7:16

16 And whosoever doeth this, and keepeth the commandments of God from thenceforth, the same will aremember that I say unto him, yea, he will remember that I have said unto him, he shall have eternal life, according to the testimony of the Holy Spirit, which testifieth in me.

Moroni 8:23

23 But it is mockery before God, denying the mercies of Christ, and the power of his Holy Spirit, and putting trust in adead works.

Alma 18:34

34 Ammon said unto him: I am a aman; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his bHoly Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true;

2 Nephi 33:2

2 But behold, there are many that aharden their bhearts against the cHoly Spirit, that it hath no place in them; wherefore, they cast many things away which are written and esteem them as things of naught.