Alma 1:29

29 And now, because of the steadiness of the church they began to be exceedingly arich, having abundance of all things whatsoever they stood in need—an abundance of flocks and herds, and fatlings of every kind, and also abundance of grain, and of gold, and of silver, and of precious things, and abundance of bsilk and fine-twined linen, and all manner of good homely ccloth.

1 Nephi 13:7-8

7 And I also saw agold, and silver, and silks, and scarlets, and fine-twined blinen, and all manner of precious clothing; and I saw many harlots.


Ether 10:24

24 And they did have asilks, and fine-twined blinen; and they did work all manner of ccloth, that they might clothe themselves from their nakedness.

Ether 9:17

17 Having aall manner of fruit, and of grain, and of bsilks, and of fine linen, and of cgold, and of silver, and of precious things;

Alma 4:6

6 And it came to pass in the eighth year of the reign of the judges, that the people of the church began to wax proud, because of their exceeding ariches, and their bfine silks, and their fine-twined linen, and because of their many flocks and herds, and their gold and their silver, and all manner of precious things, which they had obtained by their cindustry; and in all these things were they lifted up in the pride of their eyes, for they began to wear very costly dapparel.