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Four Principles That Will Keep Your Small Business Going
You might have had some success to this point, but how do you sustain your business in the long run?
18 May 2018
What We Can Learn from Our Worst Mistakes
None of us are perfect. We make mistakes—and sometimes they’re big mistakes. What comes next can mean the difference between success and endlessly spinning our wheels.
11 May 2018
How to Study Better and Get Smarter
Whether we are learning on the job, taking college courses, or recertifying our professional skills, developing effective study habits can save us a lot of time and money.
4 May 2018
The Heavens Move on Our Behalf—Even with Family Finances
Finances are personal. And God cares about the personal details of our lives.
23 April 2018
The Secret to Learning on the Job
Staying relevant in the workplace means constantly learning, in formal and informal ways.
20 April 2018
The Secret to Managing Your Money
When we involve the Lord in our decisions, even our monthly budget, our lives will go a little smoother.
6 April 2018
Five Self-Reliance Tips from Olympic Downhill Racers
Downhill racers participate in a sport that requires speed and precision. The habits and principles that make them successful in this difficult sport can also help us become self-reliant.
5 March 2018
Celebrating the Big and Small Victories in Life
We should celebrate our accomplishments, even if we never win an Olympic medal.
2 March 2018
The Habit of Education
You don't have to go back to school to keep learning and growing. Developing a habit of lifetime learning will not only keep us employed but will also help us feel more fulfilled.
2 March 2018
Curling: A Sport of Teamwork and Skill
There’s much more to the sport of curling that sliding a rock down the ice. A team has to work together, strategize, and have a game plan. What looks like shuffleboard on ice is really a mental game of wits and skill.
16 February 2018