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Find a Better Job: Talk with God, Not at Him

We all follow our unique path in life—a winding path that doesn’t always take us where we envision.
12 October 2017

Budgeting Will Get You Where You Need to Be

It always seems so easy on paper: there they are, neat columns and rows that all add up. The only thing we have to do is follow the numbers.
15 September 2017

Interview Skills: How to Stand Out in a Crowd

We all have unique skills and talents, but we can’t always put these to good use unless we let others know what they are.
6 September 2017

What is Self-Reliance—Really?

Self-reliance isn’t just about taking care of our families temporally. It’s also about being spiritually prepared for life’s ups and downs.
18 August 2017

Happily Ever After Begins by Budgeting Together

Financial conflict is a leading cause for divorce. Here are a few tips on how to stay on budget and stay together.
17 August 2017

Personal Finance Hacks

We all want to save a little money, and we all want to make our money go a little further. So why is it so difficult?
31 July 2017

Interviewing Hacks

You have your power statement memorized. You are ready to introduce yourself. And you have prepared for the interview by practicing your answers to an array of questions. What more can you do? [Find a Better Job]
31 July 2017

Life’s Challenges Require Extra Work and Faith

The possibility of attending school and owning his own business disappeared with the death of his parents. But faith taught him to persevere.
29 July 2017

What Are You Good At? Three Questions That Could Direct Your Life

We’ve all had that awkward moment when someone has asked us what our future plans are. It’s part of being in those in-between years—between starting college and having a career. [My Foundation]
23 June 2017

The Secret to Great Leadership? Humility.

Determination, drive, education, hard work; all make for good leaders. But the trait employees respect most is a leader humble enough to listen and learn. [Starting and Growing My Business.]
15 June 2017