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Service missions provide meaningful experiences that will help bring souls closer to Christ. Service missions bless the missionaries, their families, the Church, and the organizations where they serve. Each service mission is uniquely designed to match the abilities of each person and to help build the kingdom of God on the earth.

Increased Potential through Service (3:10)

What is a service mission?

Service missionaries are called by the Lord. They serve at Church operations, approved nonprofit community organizations, or within their stake.

Service missions are custom designed for each missionary. Service missionaries offer meaningful service to help bring souls closer to Christ. They bless the Church, the organizations where they serve, their own lives, and their families. The service missionary program helps deepen testimony, faith, and feelings of self-worth.

Please learn about this program and identify those who could serve. You are needed to help create a custom experience for each missionary.

Which priesthood leader is responsible for a service missionary? Who is the mission president?

The stake president is the service missionary’s ecclesiastical leader. He sets the spiritual and behavioral expectations. He also gives guidance and support during the missionary’s service, unless he delegates this to another priesthood leader. A service mission group leader has regular interactions with each missionary. The group leader works closely with the stake president.

Do young adult men need to be ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood?

No. Most male service missionaries hold the Melchizedek Priesthood. However, if priesthood leaders do not feel a young adult man is ready, he should hold the Aaronic Priesthood.

Do service missionaries need to be endowed before they can serve?

No. However, they should be temple worthy.

Who may honorably excuse a young adult from serving a teaching mission?

Bishops and stake presidents may honorably excuse a young adult from serving a teaching mission when appropriate. If they have a question about a young adult’s capacity to serve a teaching mission, they may request an evaluation from an LDS Family Services. This evaluation can help them decide. The decision is subject to review by the Missionary Department.

How am I involved in helping determine the assignment and establish the schedule?

The bishop works with the candidate, his or her parents, the local service missionary facilitator, and the stake service missionary specialist. Together, they customize one or more assignments to match the abilities of the candidate.

The stake president approves the missionary’s assignment and schedule. He also reviews the schedule when meeting with the missionary to discuss the guidelines as outlined on page 26 in the Service Missionary Handbook.

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