Invite Diligent Learning

Principles and Methods of Teaching


How can I encourage those I teach to be diligent learners?

As a teacher of the gospel, one of your roles is to help learners take responsibility for their own learning—to awaken in them a desire to study, understand, and live the gospel. In the Church, learners have the responsibility to gain a knowledge of the truth through their own efforts. Teachers can help them become diligent gospel learners.

The participation of learners is fundamental to this process. As a teacher, you can encourage effective participation by teaching with questions, conducting meaningful discussions, and listening carefully to learners.

You should also try to determine if class members are learning the principles you are teaching. You can do this by asking learners to restate principles in their own words or asking questions that require learners to express their understanding of the principles.

Scriptures to study

1 Nephi 10:17–19; Doctrine and Covenants 88:118–22

Things you can do

  • Before you ask class members to read quotations or scriptures, invite them to look for specific information as they read.
  • Give class members time to think about their answers before they respond to questions.
  • Ask class members to share their experiences or discuss questions with small groups or with someone sitting next to them, as well as with the entire class.
  • When questions arise in class, allow other students the opportunity to answer the questions.
  • Help class members be attentive by maintaining eye contact with them.
  • Invite class members to strive during the upcoming weeks to live the principles they learn.