Prepare a Lesson to Teach

Principles and Methods of Teaching

How do I prepare an effective lesson?

Preparation of a lesson is an important part of teaching. Take time to prepare in advance. The earlier you begin, the more time you will have to be guided by the Spirit, to identify helpful resources, and to make assignments.

As you prepare a lesson, prayerfully review the material, remembering that Church-produced lesson manuals help to ensure that Church doctrines are kept pure and that there is a consistent approach to gospel teaching.

If you feel the need to adapt the lesson, you can use material from the scriptures and recent Church magazines or develop your own learning activities.

When you are creating a lesson from a general conference address, choose the main principles you will teach from the address and then select several scriptures and teaching methods to use in presenting the principles.

After teaching a lesson, it is helpful to evaluate your teaching. Ask yourself questions such as, “When did learners feel the Spirit most strongly? When did they seem most willing to participate? When did they best understand how the principle applies to their lives?”

Scriptures to study

Doctrine and Covenants 11:21; 88:119

Things you can do

  • As you prepare, ask yourself: What should happen in the lives of the learners as a result of this lesson? Which principles should be taught, and how should I teach them?
  • In general, teach just one or two main principles in each lesson.
  • During the week, think of those you teach and how the upcoming lesson can be applied to their lives.
  • Use your meetinghouse library to find Church resources to use in teaching the gospel.