Use Effective Methods

Principles and Methods of Teaching

What are the most effective methods I can use as I teach?

No teacher should fall into a monotonous pattern of presenting the same kind of lesson week after week. When you teach with variety, learners tend to understand gospel principles better and retain more.

As you strive to choose effective teaching methods, ask yourself: Will the method invite the Spirit? Will the method help learners better understand the gospel principle? Will the method invite students to participate in the lesson? Will the method make the best use of time?

It is important to begin your lesson in a way that prepares others to learn. You can do such things as present an object lesson, write questions on the board, or have someone read a story or scripture.

It is also important to conclude your lesson in a way that invites learners to live what they have learned. You can review the main principles taught and ask learners how to apply them, ask an individual to summarize the main points of the lesson, and bear testimony of the principles.

Scriptures to study

2 Nephi 33:1; Doctrine and Covenants 42:14; 63:64

Things you can do

  • Teaching, No Greater Call provides a chart that will help you keep variety in your lessons: Teaching with Variety.
  • Make sure that lesson introductions do more than get attention. They should relate directly to the lesson principles.
  • Bring the lesson discussion to a close while there is still time to effectively conclude the lesson.