Teaching Children, Youth, and Adults


What do I need to know about youth that will help me teach them?

As you teach the youth of the Church, remember that the Lord knows their capacity and has placed great trust in them. Young people have enthusiasm and energy that can make teaching them a delight. Teaching, No Greater Call provides help with understanding some of the challenges and concerns of youth.

As you teach youth, strive to give them the following love and support:

  • Support. When youth feel warmth, affection, and support from you, they feel encouraged to face life optimistically. Make sure they know you are available and interested in them.
  • Expectations of good conduct. Establish early the expectations you have for youth. Being a friend is not enough. You must teach true doctrine and expect good behavior.
  • Respect for individuality. When youth feel that adults respect and listen to them, they tend to feel secure and free of the need to attract attention to themselves.
  • A vision of their future. You are helping to prepare future leaders of the Church. Teach them today the things they will need to know tomorrow.
  • Encouragement to identify with the kingdom of God. Youth want to belong to a worthy cause. Encourage their unselfish desires by inspiring them to help build the kingdom of God.

Scriptures to study

1 Samuel 16:7; Joel 2:28–29; Mormon 1:15; Joseph Smith—History 1:7–13

Things you can do

  • Review the scriptures listed above and consider how best to teach gospel truths to youth.
  • Visit with some of the youth you teach and become familiar with their concerns and challenges.