Teaching in Leadership Settings

Teaching in Leadership Settings


As a leader, what opportunities do I have to teach others?

One of the most important ways you fulfill your responsibilities as a leader in the Church is through teaching. You teach by setting a righteous example, following Church policies and procedures, and speaking directly to Church members about gospel principles.

You teach the gospel in leadership meetings. Carefully plan any teaching in these meetings because time is limited. Sometimes the teaching may be a brief spiritual thought. Sometimes participants may be asked to lead the group in a discussion of a gospel topic.

You teach others the gospel during interviews. Your own careful study of the scriptures will allow the Spirit to prompt you during interviews to use certain scriptures to teach and comfort others.

As a leader in the Church, one of your responsibilities is to instruct the teachers in your organization in their duties and guide their efforts to improve.

Scriptures to study

Matthew 9:35; Acts 5:42; Doctrine and Covenants 42:14; 43:8–9; 50:17–24; 84:85; Moses 6:23

Things you can do

  • Study the scriptures in your own life so that you will be able to teach from the scriptures as you lead.
  • Bear testimony of the scriptures and gospel principles you teach.
  • Point out and express gratitude for good things that leaders and teachers under your direction are doing.