Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching

Teaching in the Home

How can I better teach the gospel as I serve as a home teacher or visiting teacher?

If you are a home teacher or a visiting teacher, you are a teacher of the gospel. In addition to overseeing the welfare of those you teach, you are also responsible to present a message to the families or sisters assigned to you.

You have the responsibility to select the message you will share. Home teachers usually present the First Presidency’s message that is found in the Ensign and Liahona each month. Visiting teachers usually present the visiting teaching message that is also found in these magazines.

Present the message as carefully as you would present a lesson for a Church class. Counsel with your companion about what each of you will contribute to the presentation. Make the lesson interesting and applicable to each family member.

Scripture to study

Doctrine and Covenants 20:59

Things you can do

  • Ensure that the message will be brief enough to hold the interest of all present.
  • Adapt the message and the teaching methods to the background, age, and interests of the family members or sisters you teach.
  • Find ways to have family members or sisters participate in the lessons.
  • Testify of the truths you teach.